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(Heb 11:1; John 1:1-3&14; Heb 11:6; Jos 1:8; Ps 119:9; Jam 1:22; Prov 18:21; Rom 2:13; Prov 28:1)

Faith may be defined as a strong belief in the doctrines in a religion based on spiritual conviction rather than proof. Learning to hold on to the Word is learning to hold on to Jesus as our reality. In learning to hold fast, faith is of utmost importance because it equips us to grasp the revelation of God in Jesus Christ. For no amount of logic or reasoning can understand the mysteries of Christ. Whoever comes to God, must come with faith, because without faith it is impossible to please God.


To hold fast to the word of faith, we must meditate, ponder and reflect on the Word day and night as the Lord commanded Joshua in Joshua 1:8. God commands that we not merely read but that we speak the Word as well; our pronouncements and confessions must align with the Bible.

It is also imperative that we must be careful and intentional about the word, we must put the word in practice. The word must be active in our lives and not dormant. Brethren, we cannot be intentional about practicing the word if we don’t study and commit to memory, the word of God.


As we hold fast to the Word, we become successful and position ourselves for prosperity. This success we attain is good success, not success marred by malice, not success marred by impending doom and destruction. We also live a life independent of fear as we live by the word, the word makes us bold. Because God is with us, we are not intimidated.


Brethren when we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word, He sheds glory on our way. Get into the Word, be purposeful about the Word!


Peace and Many Blessings!



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