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1.0            THE OBJECTIVE

1.1         Another opportunity to know God and have a deeper knowledge of Him

1.2         Deeper Fellowship among Brethren

1.3         Improve on relations among Brethren and the family of God

1.4         Facilitate follow-up of new members

1.5         Provide opportunity to share our common faith to other;-evangelize

1.6         Improve on visitation/welfare

1.7         Discuss contemporary issues in the context of Godly counsel ie fasting etc.


2.0               THE STRUCTURE

1.1         Each Church In The Home shall not exceed fifteen (15)

1.2         Hosts/Members shall select day and time convenient for meeting

1.3         Every Home shall have a register

1.4         Every Home shall have a Leader, Assistant Leader and a Registrar who will be responsible for texting and sending messages

4.1.   A leader shall ensure that his/her Church In The Home meets regularly and that the    structure and other agreed activities are followed.


1.5         Area Co-ordinator shall liaise with the Senior Pastor for the establishment of any new Church In The Home!!!

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