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 Wisdom Fellowship 

This is a fellowship of Senior Citizens who are 60 and above.

Who qualifies to be a member? 
All men and women 60 and above

Why join the Wisdom Fellowship? 
Fellowship with peers.
Programmes tailor-made to suit issues concerning their age

Represent church at various functions e.g. traditional marriages (engagement), hospital visits and sometimes to mediate in conflicts.

When do they meet? 
They meet regularly on Thursdays in the children’s room

Contact person 
Bro. S.E.K. Anipa


Kingsmen Fellowship

Who are the Kingsmen? 
The Kingsmen fellowship is the men's fellowship of the church

Who qualifies to be a member? 
All men of 30 years and above are automatically members of the fellowship’
In addition to this all married men who are even below the above age bracket are encouraged to join this fellowship.

Why join the Kingsmen? 
Men are expected to be elders at the gate. They therefore need to constantly come together to pray, teach, share, counsel and stand in the gap for the leadership and members of the church.
When do they meet? 
The first Thursday of the month in the Prayer Tower.

Bro. Stanley Appiah  [0244720826]


Triumphant Women’s Fellowship 

to bring Women Members of the CFCC together, encouraging real fellowship and promoting programs and activities, which enhance our growth as Christian women.

Women, 30 years and above.
Married Women below 30 years are encouraged to join

Talks and Teachings on various topics including Spiritual, Social, Health and other issues
Bible Studies
Prayer times

Sis. Irene Ayi [023670493]



Youth Fellowship 
Who belongs to the Youth Fellowship? 
All persons between the ages of 11 and 30 are automatically youth. They form a greater portion of the entire church membership.

What do they do? 
They are the backbone of the church. They are found in almost every department in the church and support activities of the church.

One does not remain a youth forever but graduates to the Kingsmen and Triumphant Women fellowships through marriage, or age or choice.

As in Ecclesiastes 12:1 we need to know the Lord in the days of our youth 
and so the youth are taught to be established in the Lord
They are also taught and learn to use our youthful energy to work in the house of the Lord. E.g. Outreach, Music, Ushering, Prayer.

They also learn to move into responsible roles in the church and in society. 
It is our hope, prayer and desire that out of the youth shall come Apostles, 
Evangelists Pastors, Teachers and Prophets.

Bro. Jude Dairy [0246127944]


SOHP Fellowship 
The Sheep of His Pasture is made up of youth between the ages 11 - 17

They do the following:

·        Hold a separate service each Sunday except for the communion or the other   

    joint services.

·        Have Bible Study each Sunday

·        Give talks on spiritual and social issues

·        Organize quizzes, Organize video shows

·        Have retreats, Conduct outreach

·   Have quarterly ministrations in song or drama    during joint services, Undertake   


·   Teachers hold monthly meetings to review our programme and to pray.

More teachers are needed to handle this class.  Teachers should have completed Faith Builders Programme

PL.Dr. Evelyn Ansah



Sunshine Band Fellowship 
The Sunshine Band is the Children’s Wing of the Covenant Family Community Church. 
The group is made up of children between the ages of 0 to 10+ yrs.

Its main activities are: 
Sunday School and Bible Studies, Children’s Fellowship 
The Church is committed to reaching out to children of all ages. The specific instructions in Deuteronomy 6: 6 & 7 concerning children is this:

“ These commandments that I give you today, keep them in your heart. IMPRESS THEM ON YOUR CHILDREN”.
And that is our primary activity. Our policy is to CATCH THEM YOUNG (Prov 22:6)







Get in Touch

Plot 57B Wuogon Road, 

East Cantonments, Accra.

+233 30 276 3626

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